15 Gifts of Meditation

Meditation combined with my Ayahuasca experience gave me many gifts. Here are some of them:

1.The Gift of Compassion

bench chair friends friendshipAfter drinking Ayahuasca, I experienced a lot of anxiety, at an intensity I’ve never experienced before. I’ve been taught I don’t truly have control in my life- and it forced me to accept that, and to let go. This awakens unconditional acceptance and love for every single sentient being, who is struggling with something they can’t control.

2. The Gift of Equanimity

I can listen to people better, I can actually hear what they are saying, with no judgement. Especially people who become stuck in loops of frustration. I used to try to offer advice, or try to help the situation, or judge it in my mind. Now I just listen, with a sense of inner calmness.

3. The Gift of Life

Suicidal thoughts plagued my mind all my life. Now, I have no desire to die anymore. I want to stay here on this Earth so bad, that I need to be careful this desire does not turn into a fear of death.

woman using space gray iphone x

4. The Gift of Mundane 

I’m in love with completing simple tasks, something I never loved doing before. I used to struggle to dress myself and take care of my environment. Now I understand that all of this is part of my beautiful life experience.

5. The Gift of Understanding

I used to question my reality a lot. I never considered this to be bad, it was just part of how my brain worked. This part of me has disappeared completely. Life is a gift, and this is the only thing I’ve ever needed to know.

6. The Gift of Stillness

person sitting in front of the taj mahal

My mind is so quiet now, I have no idea what to think about. I have a Twitter that I’m currently struggling to update- because I don’t have thoughts to write. And when I have thoughts, I don’t identify with them.

7. The Gift of Being

I can just be and enjoy my being. I can be doing a lot, or nothing at all. I can just exist and love every second of my existence. I used to judge myself hard for whatever I was doing. If I wasn’t being productive, if I wasn’t doing something right. Now all of this judging has dissipated into the beyond. No matter what I’m doing, I can enjoy it fully. Even if I’m inside watching Netflix on a beautiful day, I love it so much, because it is all an extension of my life.

8. The Gift of Love

I have a deep, profound love for all that is.  Love is radiating through me, and I see the universe reflecting it back at me. I am love you are love, everything is love., and knowing that makes me feel so joyful inside.

9. The Gift of Music

I never used to hear songs in my mind- now I can, and I love dancing to them. I want to learn to dance! Not only that, my music tastes have changed. I can’t listen to negative songs anymore. I appreciate uplifting songs, even if they are cheesy.

photo of woman standing on rock formation doing yoga

10. The Gift of Body

I never used to feel connected to my body- now I feel its voice. The voice of my body is my own, and its also the voice of the universe. Nurturing my beautiful body is a top priority for me. Yoga is one of the ways I love to do this, along with sticking to a plant-based diet.

11. The Gift of Creativity

Right now, I’m having a burst of creativity, which is why I’m writing this. I have a huge desire to sit down and write forever. I’ve realized writing is my form of creative expression, so I will continue to write for the rest of life, and keep it public.

12. The Gift of Beauty

I can see beauty everywhere, including graveyards. I used to pass by graveyards and think deeply about how it would be me someday. Now I feel happiness that those lovely souls got to walk on the same ground as me. And I’m quite certain they are all walking the Earth again!

13. The Gift of Prayer

backlit clouds dawn dusk

I pray because I feel so grateful for every moment of my life. Some days, I wake up and I feel like I’m being touched by god. I feel like I’ve been given the biggest gift. 

14. The Gift of Intention

Whatever I do, I do so with an intention in mind. This helps me stay mindful of what I’m doing, and helps me connect to the moment unfolding in front of me.

15. The Gift of Gratitude 

I’m so thankful for our existence. Every moment is so precious, so wonderful, so lovely. Whoever or whatever gave me my life, thank you so much! 

-Shunya Rose


Our favorite media is a reflection of our inner reality

Watching the same kinds of things I used to love as a teenager is evoking a lot of feelings.

The kinds of media that evoked my attention were ones filled with love and deep psychological suffering. The more the media had the two of these, the more I loved it.

I thought this media was a masterpiece. I thought it portrayed the truth of the human condition. I even played with stories inside my brain that portrayed the exact same kind of theme: love mixed with deep psychological suffering. I would make up characters that were deeply in love, and try to figure out ways to psychologically break them in the worst way possible. Growing up, I did this, over and over again.

I never realized until now, but this portrayed how I felt inside. This media was a reflection of my inner world: which was someone who loved deeply, but was psychologically suffering for it.

I never understood how other people never liked this media. I never understood how people couldn’t feel this kind of media on a deep level. I understand now- and it’s because we are all just living in our own realities.

Our favorite media, our favorite songs, our favorite TV shows, are reflections of our inner reality. They are physical manifestations of it.

This is evoking so much compassion inside of me. I can’t believe that this is how I felt inside. And watching this show now, is causing me a lot of heavy feelings of sadness. I can’t believe I used to feel like that inside. I used to suffer so much, on a daily, and…

I’m no longer suffering. I’ve changed from the inside out, and I’m continuing to change.. I don’t want anyone else to suffer like I have. I want to help people.

While its true that life is suffering, it’s also true that life is joyful. Because we suffer, we can experience joy. And I need to show people this joy. There’s no need to cling to our suffering any longer. There’s no need to be anywhere but the moment.

It doesn’t matter what circumstance you are in, the capacity for joy is there.

It’s always, always there.

What is your favorite media? How does it reflect how you see the world?